Adam Kay

co-Founder, Director
​Adam Kay is co-Founder and Director of BrightSide Produce. He is also Associate Professor in the Biology Department at the University of St. Thomas.

Favorite produce: Grapefuit

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Meet our Team

Mackenzie Burke

FarmStand Director

Adam Pruitt
Adam Pruitt is a co-Founder of BrightSide Produce and is currently involved with all aspects of the operation. Adam lives in North Minneapolis and is an employee of BrightSide. He is an aspiring business leader.

Favorite produce: Strawberries

Our operations require lots of outside help as well. We would like to thank these individuals, groups, and companies for their contributions to BrightSide Produce:

Acadia Stephan
Joey Griffith
Louise Rollins

Jo Beyer

Buyers Club Manager

Nicole Herrli

Assistant Business 


Christina Utz

Buyers Club Manager

Parker Hewes

Operations Manager

Carly Dent


Carly Dent is a co-Founder of BrightSide Produce. She graduated from the University of St. Thomas in 2014, with a double major in Environmental Studies and Psychology.

Favorite Produce: Avacados

Lauren Weber 

Buyers Club 

​Accountability Specialist

Meet our Founders

The Minneapolis Health Department:

Emma Button

​​Business Manager

Melissa Marsh


Future Volunteer

Coming Soon

David Hodge

Route Manager

Demetria (DeeDee) Fuller

Demetria (DeeDee) Fuller is a co-founder of BrightSide Produce and is currently involved with all aspects of the operation. DeeDee lives in North Minneapolis and is an employee of BrightSide. She is an aspiring chef. 

Favorite produce: Bananas