While we welcome students with any experience, expertise, or passion, we do have a few specific positions we need to fill...

Buyers Club Team Member – help pack up produce bags every week, collect money, take to different drop-off locations, send out emails.

Marketing assistant – spread the word about Buyers Club, partner with RA’s, create promotional materials for Buyers Club

Communication manager – manage website and social media platforms, produce newsletters, and write blog posts

Merchandise manager – create and manage our merchandise, including apparel, tote bags, and stickers

Graphic designer - create promotional materials for Brightside

Fundraising coordinator - identify funding sources, write grants, and plan funding events

Delivery coordinator - help lead the weekly delivery team by picking up the produce, driving the delivery van, and recording each store's order

Become a 
Difference Maker

We're currently looking for passionate students who want to make a difference.

Email Jadea at wash0844@stthomas.edu with any questions