Fresh Delights is a fresh produce delivery service for National City businesses and their employees. Every week, BrightSide Produce will deliver a basket of fresh fruit and vegetables to your office, providing delicious and nutritious snacks for your employees and customers.  Additionally, your produce purchases support deliveries of produce to stores in underserved areas of National City.

Fresh Delights members sign up for a produce basket based on the number of people in their office or the number of fresh fruits and vegetables they would like to receive each week. Baskets start at only $13.99 and contain a mix of fruits and vegetables (based on availability and seasonality). BrightSide Produce will deliver the basket directly to your office every Tuesday.

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Sounds awesome! How do I join?


Small Basket: $13.99/week
This basket is perfect for your office of 3-10 people. It contains 16 ready to eat pieces of produce. Treat yourself and your coworkers.

Medium Basket: $17.99/week
This basket is perfect for your office of 10-18 people. It contains 20 pieces of fresh, ready-to-eat produce, perfect for the breakroom.

Large Basket: $24.99/week
This basket is perfect for your office of 18-30 people. It contains 30 pieces of produce for you and your employees to indulge in a healthy snack.

 ​Custom Basket

 Need a basket that is a different size than the options above. Contact us and we can  create a custom basket that fits your need.

Individual Package: $7.99/week
Do you work at a National City business and would like your own, individual produce delivery each week? Then this is the package for you. It includes 10 pieces of produce and you get to choose between fruits only, veggies only, and mixed options.



Interested in signing up? Please email us at


Signing up for the Fresh Delights Produce Program is easy! First, select the what produce package will work best. The fresh fruits and vegetables vary week-to-week based on seasonality and availability.  

How does it work?


A Produce Delivery Service for National City Businesses

​​Treat yourself and your employees to fresh fruits and vegetables delivered every week to your office while supporting a great cause. Your weekly produce purchases directly fund deliveries of produce to food stores in underserved areas of National City.

What is the Fresh Delights Produce Program?