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The BrightSide Buyers Club helps build connections among communities. It consists of faculty, staff, students, and friends of the University of St. Thomas. Club members receive “excess” produce from BrightSide delivery runs in $3, $5, or $10 shares. Buyers Club members receive weekly produce at a fraction of grocery store prices while simultaneously help grow and advance the mission of BrightSide! Want to join? It's easy as 1, 2, 3!



Because transaction fees are so expensive, our subscription service tries to avoid

weekly charges. We have set up a PayPal system where you can put a down payment on many weeks worth of membership in one easy transaction. We ask that, in order to keep fees as low as possible, you make a payment of at least $20. Once you put money into your account, we will subtract your subscription fee from your account every week. We will notify you when your funds get low; just come back to our site and add funds again using the link below.

Now that you've put funds in your account, we'd like to get to know a bit more about you! You must click this next link below and fill in the form to complete the signup process.


Each Monday, we deliver your produce to three convenient locations at the University of St. Thomas, St. Paul and Minneapolis campuses. All you need to do is stop by the pick-up location, cross your name off our list, and you're set!

St. Paul Pick-up locations are:

  • John-Roach Center (JRC) Room 129 (Greenhouse entrance near Auditorium) 
  • Outside of room 256 in the Owens Science Center (OWS)

Minneapolis Pick-up locations are:

  • Stay tuned!

Each Monday, your produce will be ready for pick-up anytime after 12:00 noon on the St. Paul campus or after 2pm on the Minneapolis campus.

Welcome to the Club!

We are so excited to welcome you into our community, and we would like to thank you for jumping onto this awesome adventure with us. To keep current with what's going on with BrightSide, visit www.facebook.com/brightsideproduce. See you soon!

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The Buyers Club.

The Buyers Club.

Bronze: $3/week
At about 4 pieces of produce per week, you'll both receive a great deal on your snacks for the week and will help us sustain our operations.

Silver: $5/week
At about 6 pieces of produce per week, you'll not only have enough produce to complement a few meals but you'll also help us expand the reach of fresh produce availability in urban areas.

Gold: $10/week
At around 12 pieces of produce per week, you'll be set to provide healthy produce for you and your family! Also, you'll help our young entrepreneurs earn a real hourly wage for the work they put in.


A weekly opportunity to support BrightSide's mission to increase access to fresh produce in food insecure communities.